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Ref Thing 13: Luka Emerald by D-X-T Ref Thing 13: Luka Emerald :icond-x-t:D-X-T 3 0
Journal of a Transformee Pt. 5
Aiden here again, and serious talk now, okay? No lengthy intros, no jokes or stalling, I’m getting right to the point this time. Remember the last journal? Specifically the ending or it? Yeah, well, we found out why Wick’s been off the radar recently.
He’s been in the hospital.
Yep, that’s right. My guess would’ve been that he wanted to stay away from the public eye for a while, but it turned out to be quite a bit more serious than that.
See, Robin and I were the ones to find out first. As mentioned in the last journal, I said that I would try to head to his house to check if things were alright, and I did manage to earlier today, with a little help from Robin.
Wick’s place is on the other side of town in a bit of a dirtier neighborhood, so with the combined length of the trip, my sluggishness, and Robin’s hesitation to head into the neighborhood, it took quite a bit longer than we anticipated. Nonetheless, we managed to get there, and man do I
:icond-x-t:D-X-T 3 40
So want em? [FREEBEES, READ DESC.] by D-X-T So want em? [FREEBEES, READ DESC.] :icond-x-t:D-X-T 5 42
Journal of a Transformee Pt. 4
Well hiya there! Aiden’s back again and better than ever! Well… Honestly, I’m just kind of tired at the moment. Okay, more than just “kind of”. And there’s probably not going be much here because of it. Well, that and the fact that not all that much happened in the past week (with the exception of a, and a hint of worry about something). Is that why I’m bored and exhausted? Maybe that’s why. Also, has it been a week? I don’t know, maybe more. Actually no, less for sure. Maybe only a couple days. Hey, I’m not keeping track, okay? I’m just...blech…
Oh, and about that last journal entry? Yeah, I guess I was just, you know, giving you good ol’ readers (However many there are. Could be absolutely zero, but hey, maybe there are a couple people out there that give a damn about a scraggly cat kid rambling about his teenager issues. Leave a comment if you do read these!) a sense of things going on in t
:icond-x-t:D-X-T 2 32
Ref Thing 12: Devas *Sage* Blitz by D-X-T Ref Thing 12: Devas *Sage* Blitz :icond-x-t:D-X-T 1 0
Lights, Cameras, Feathers, Action! (Anthro TF)
Each limping footstep against the frigid cobblestone echoed throughout the empty streets of the ancient carcasses of buildings of a city that had once been London, now utterly deserted spare the only two remaining beings within many miles: A young man, terrified and injured with a gash across his left thigh…
...and the bloodthirsty beast he was running from.
Surges of pain shot up his mangled leg with every motion, but he refused to halt or even slow his near-sprinting pace, the horrid image of his chaser still fresh in his mind from their prior close encounter. The wild, inhuman eyes, the enormous fangs, the bloodsoaked fur from its latest victim: The last human the young man had found, and would most likely ever find. It was all he needed to drive him forward, the furious snarls behind him approaching closer only adding to it all.
His lungs wheezed, his heart threatened to burst, but as he heard the monster coming closer,
:icond-x-t:D-X-T 5 2
Ref Thing 11: Gemini by D-X-T Ref Thing 11: Gemini :icond-x-t:D-X-T 3 0
Journal of a Transformee Pt. 3
Wazzup, Aiden’s back again and HOLY SHIT do I have some news for you! I know, I know, it’s been quite a while since the last journal, but, you know, things came up, school being pushy with the work and all. As well as literally pushy.
See, this town and my school, they haven’t exactly been taking the whole transformation epidemic (That’s the official dub for it now, an “epidemic”.) too well. Let’s just say there have been a few...outspoken people that haven’t taken too kindly to living among real-life anthros, or, as they prefer to call us, “freaks of nature”.
I mean, I suppose every major issue has its fair share of hardcore haters, and I’m honestly surprised that the still-human townspeople (Which is now about two-thirds of the population. Yeah, these transformations are picking up the pace now.) didn’t try to spark some kind of uprising against us earlier. Okay, okay, maybe not to that extent, and in general, hu
:icond-x-t:D-X-T 4 22
Journal of a Transformee Pt. 2
Hey, it’s me, Aiden. Back at it again with this journal (heh, dead memes). Figured I should continue the tale. It’s been a couple days since that last entry, I know, but this is the first chance I’ve gotten to write anything down in a little while. Let me tell you, this past weekend was CRAZY. Well, you know, besides the whole town-wide ordeal of people turning into anthros in the middle of the night (Well, okay, that does have a major part in this part of my story.).
Oh, just a side note, that whole thing has been getting worse (or better?) since these prior two days have given way to more transformations than ever. Look out the window now and I’d say about a fourth of the people walking around are anthros, and those are just the ones that had the willpower to be able to step out their doors after, you know, turning into a different creature. Surely you’ve seen something on the news now, right? Maybe an internet article? You know, besides this one. No? Je
:icond-x-t:D-X-T 3 3
Journal of a Transformee Pt. 1
You know, nowadays, everyone is bustling around, going to work, heading to school, walking to here, driving to there, thinking about this, dwelling on that (Especially with...recent major events going on.). It just seems as if nobody has the time to get a real beauty sleep, their minds always on something, even in sleep. I mean, not even a simple cat nap. I’m no exception, of course, and being Freshman in highschool only amplifies it all the more since, you know, getting the feel for all the stresses of high school and all tends to take its toll after a while. It’s not very often I can get myself some much-needed rest.
So, it was rather surprising to me when, one day in the middle of my second semester, I actually woke up after what I thought would be another boring night genuinely refreshed and alert, cheery after some dream I had, whatever that was. I was looking forward for the day ahead, which was strange, considering it was only Wednesday. Nonetheless, I didn’t q
:icond-x-t:D-X-T 6 29
Ref Thing 10: Tina Tigress by D-X-T Ref Thing 10: Tina Tigress :icond-x-t:D-X-T 6 6
[To the beat of Noisia & The Upbeats - Omnivore (start at time 1:07, the first drop). ]
The Sun has set
The Moon has risen
And risen it stays
The light forbidden
Sirens wail
Into the ears
Of thousands watching
Their end come near
Plunged in black
The people scatter
Waiting for their
Final hour
- - - -
A shadow casts
Across the lands
Blood and death
Its only demands
The people, they
But evil had already
Sealed their fate
The oceans crash
The land is torn 
An opened abyss
The dark reborn
- - - -
Demonic warlords
Fathoms deep
Escape their prisons
Havoc they wreak
A matter of seconds
A global plight
Against the creatures
Of the night
But weak humanity
It lost its turn
The common villain
The last survivors
Beaten and battered
Ran for cover
And there they cowered
But cities burned
The last remaining
The number of humans
Drastically waning
What had gone so t
:icond-x-t:D-X-T 1 6
Ref Thing 9: Aaron *Gunmetal* Hunter by D-X-T Ref Thing 9: Aaron *Gunmetal* Hunter :icond-x-t:D-X-T 1 9 Ref Thing 8: Angelica Sacniete by D-X-T Ref Thing 8: Angelica Sacniete :icond-x-t:D-X-T 2 0
Mature content
Knockout Pt. 2 (Anthro TF) :icond-x-t:D-X-T 2 3
Knockout Pt. 1 (Anthro TF)
Chanting crowds. Pounding music. Clashing weapons. Frightening war cries. Blaring, deafening sounds that rattled through Amora’s skull as a battle of the ages was fought in the translucent white shield-encased ring below. Any louder and she felt that her ear drums would burst, but that was just all part of the whole experience. She cheered wildly along with the rest of the packed coliseum, her voice resonating above all others around her. She wanted her superstar in the ring to hear her over the rest of the booming racket, notice how much she adored her, looked up to her as an inspiration.
That superstar was Kyru, the young kitsune warrior that was making work of her opponent within the barrier under the blinding spotlights, as well as the one that the masses had swarmed to see in action. She danced around the punk-looking guy - Malek, his name was, told by the posters outside the enormous arena - with ease, casting her runes and spewing her magic in vibrant arrays of colors and
:icond-x-t:D-X-T 1 0


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